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Soft Light SL 400D

Mettle SL-400 LED Panel Kit is a professional lighting set ready to use in the studio straight out of the box. A set of two powerful LED panels can be placed on tripods with a maximum height of 195cm so you’ll be able to create a fully professional studio even in a small space.
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The Mettle Series lineup is expanding its family of lights that can be controlled with the Mettle APP for iOS and Android. Now included in the SL Series is the new Mettle SL 240E RGBWW On Camera LED Video Light. This small and compact lighting instrument can be used for high-output single source portable on camera lighting, or add fill or accent lighting mounted to a light stand. The Mettle Series RGBWW On-Camera Light has the same rich set of features found with other Mettle fixtures, and can be controlled individually or in groups of other Mettle lights using the Mettle APP for iOS and Android.
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SL series LED photography soft light

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