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Mettle LS 400C/800C

Mettle LS 400C/800C

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Mettle LS Series LS-400C LS-800C RGBWW Light Stick Overview

The Mettle LS Series Tube lineup is expanding its family of lights that can be controlled with the Mettle Light APP for iOS and Android. Now included in the LS Series is the new Mettle LS Series RGBWW Light Stick. This unique and incredibly versatile lighting instrument can add fill or accent lighting with a minimal footprint. The Mettle LS Series Stick Lights are available in two sizes: The LS-400C and the LS-800C. Both have the same rich set of features and both can be controlled individually or in groups of other Mettle LS lights using the Mettle APP.

The LS-400C measures 24″ and is equipped with 52 color changing, full-spectrum SMD LEDs, as well as 192 variable CCT white SMD LEDs. The LS-400C consumes 20W of power with an output of up to 580 lux at 1 meter.

The larger LS-800C Light stick measures 39″ and is equipped with 96 color changing, full-spectrum SMD LEDs, as well as 384 variable CCT white SMD LEDs. The LS-800C consumes 40W of power with an output of up to 900 lux at 1 meter.

Both of the LS series stick lights have an integrated 2600mAh rechargeable battery built into the handle making it incredibly portable. Also featured is a 1/4-20 threaded mounting point at the bottom of the light stick handle which allows the light stick to be mounted to a light stand or adapter with a 1/4-20 male threaded end.

The LS Light stick fixtures can be operated in variable CCT or “bicolor” mode for adjustable white, or in full-spectrum RGB mode to add color to any scene. In addition, each LS light stick come equipped with a wide variety of special effects built in that can be controlled in the light or via the Mettle APP. Special effects include: paparazzi, fireworks, bonfire, police car, strobe, and more.

LS Light sticks include gel presets, so you can quickly and easily set the color or color temperature that’s right for your scene. All gels are also available within the Mettle APP.


App Remote Control

Full control of your Mettle LS Series light stick. Using the new Mettle Light APP available for iOS and Android, you can control your light or groups of LS Series lights simultaneously. Control dimmer, CCT, RGB, HSI, special effects and more right from your phone or tablet.


0% – 100% Dimming

LS Series lights can be manually dimmed via the onboard control knobs for quick and easy light adjustment. Smoothly increase or decrease your light output from full output to total blackout with zero dimmer stepping.


Integrated Battery Power

Maximum portability. All LS series light sticks include a 2600 mAh rechargeable battery pack built into the handle, so that your lights can easily be used on location.


Variable Color Temperature

Adjust the color temperature from 2800K – 8000K to match other light sources or ambient light in your shooting environment. Match subject skin tone easily and quickly without the need for color correction filters


Full Spectrum RGB

Add full color spectrum RGB to your lighting kit. Millions of color options available with RGB, HSI, CIE and more. Preset color gel presets allows for quick color settings based on popular color gel options. Create dramatic lighting designs with bright, rich color output. Control RGB color manually, via Mettle APP.


Special Effects

LS Series lights feature special effects including strobe, flash, pulse, color chase, fireworks, police car, paparazzi, and more. Effects can be adjusted and customized to get the perfect look for your scene. Effects can be controlled manually, via Mettle APP. (Color effects only available on RGB models)


Soft Diffusion Built In

LS Series lights include soft diffusion filters built in, giving you an incredibly soft wash of light right out of the box.


In the Box

  • Mettle LS 400C Light stick RGBWW
  • Carry Case
  • Built in Diffusion Filter
  • AC Power Adapter / Battery Chargers
  • Built in 2600 mAh rechargeable battery
  • Limited 1-Year Warranty



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