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K Series Dual Power Studio Strobe Light

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K Series Dual Power Studio Strobe Light


Mettle K Series Dual Power Studio Strobe Light(Patent NO.:ZL201130027352.4) adopt IGBT technique support to make sure its save more energy. Moreover,the recycle time is very fast. The shortest flash duration is 1/1000 second.Besides,LED modeling lamp leads to high color temperature and more energy saved. The LED modeling lamp can work smoothly whatever in AC/DC condition. The photographer would build the studio follow his inclinations.



Model K-200AD K-300AD K-400AD
AC Power AC 200-240V 50Hz or AC110-120V 60Hz
Strobe output 200Ws 300Ws 400Ws
Guide No.(ISO100) 42m 50m 60m
Cooling fan Build-in mini fan cooler
Output variation IGBT 1/32-1/1 Continuous variable adjustment
Recycle time AC 0.2-1s 0.2-1.2s 0.2-1.5s
DC 0.2-1.5s 0.2-2.5s 0.2-3.5s
Flash times in DC pack 1/1 300 200 150
Flash duration 1/10000-1/500s
Modeling lamp LED 7W
Color temperature 5600K
Synch cord voltage 6V DC
Housing size 100x120x200mm
Weight 1.8Kg 2.0Kg 2.1Kg
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