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LED spotlight series


Meitu spotlights series Television lights use high color rendering index LEDs as light-emitting elements, high power density LED modules and efficient aspheric condenser systems (Fresnel lenses), lamps with high luminous efficiency, large beam angles, and uniform light spots. Suitable for a variety of photographic scenes.


Model GL-20AD GL-50AD GL-70AD GL-100 GL-200
power 20W 50W 70W 100W 200W
angle 12°- 52° 12°- 52° 11°- 55° 15°- 60° 15°- 60°
Color rendering 93% 93% 93% 93% 93%
Color temperature 3200K/5600K 3200K/5600K 3200K/5600K 3200K/5600K 3200K/5600K
Illumination 2M/980Lux 2M/1800Lux 2M/2800Lux 2M/3450Lux 2M/5700Lux
Size 180×190×300mm 180×230×370mm 250×290×430mm 330×400×518mm 330×480×518mm
Weight 3KG 5KG 6.5KG 8.5KG 9.5KG
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