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Tube Light TL-X1

Tube Light TL-X1

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Mettle Tube Light TL-X1

Mettle TL-X1 RGB LED Video Tube Light is designed for creative use in photography and film. It allows you to achieve many different effects using only one device. This reduces the amount of equipment needed, and also allows the implementation of many creative ideas. It has many modes useful for video productions. The ability to combine it with other Mettle lights and it can give surprising and very interesting results.
Thanks to the characteristic shape and low weight, the use of Mettle TL-X1 is very convenient and it isn’t limited only to working in the studio. Thanks to the built-in rechargeable battery with a capacity of 2600 mAh, Tube Light of this type are ready to work regardless of the power source available. Their transport and outdoor use are therefore super easy. This type of lighting is also very popular with vloggers, also due to the ease of its control.

Professional RGB LED Video Tube Light


The TL X1 features CCT mode to accurately adjust the color temperature from 2800K - 8000K, 0%-100% dimmable brightness, plus and minus green/magenta point. Outstanding color rendition with CRI 95+ and TLCI 96+, guaranteeing wide range of natural and vivid color. Built-in LCD display for accurate readings to match the color perfectly. 


Fully Tunable RGB Color Spectrum


The TL X1 features HSI mode to get fully access of color you want. Hue adjustable from 0° - 360°, Saturation adjustable from 0% -100%, Brightness dimmable from 0%- 100%. The TL X1 also features GEL mode to get the color you want in seconds. 50+ preset color gels are calibrated in order to ensure consistency, as well as quick access.


10 Customizable Light Effects


The TL X1 features EFX mode; There are 10 kinds of special light effects for different photography needs, including Color Chase, Lightning, Police Car, Paparazzi, Fireworks, Party, Strobe, Fire, Pulsing, Explosion. Each light effect is fully customizable, such as adjusting speed, frequency or style, to suit needs of various scenarios.


Portable Light & Built to Last


The TL X1 weights only 8.5 oz with a dimension of 11*1.6 inch which is very handy and portable. With built-in 2600mAh rechargeable battery which supporting full power 100 minutes working, it could fit anywhere you could ever need. Type-C quick charge allows you to use it while charging, making it always ready to go. TL X1 is constructed with great care from durable materials which ensures that it is built to last for years in conditions of all kinds


Easy to Use & App Wireless Control


The TL X1 equips standard 1/4’’ 20 socket, which can be easily installed on the tripod, tilter bracket or light stand, providing user with more compatibility and flexibility to place light. Mettlelite App allows you to remote control the TL X1 from your phone. You will have full access of all functions right in your palm. Moreover, multiple lights can be assigned in one group and wireless controlled simultaneously.





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