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Moving Studio Flash Light

Moving Studio Flash Light



Thank you for choosing MS Series moving studio strobe flash. Please carefully read the manual to quickly grasp the product, and keep this manual for future reference.
MS Series moving studio strobe flash adopt battery integration of new moving studio design philosophy. It's more convenient to carry, significantly improve work efficiency for the outdoor shooting. Meanwhile including stroboscopic, high speed strobe, FP and other powerful functions, that can support your photography inspiration fullest, make the photography more convenient and efficient.
Patent No.: ZL201420196256.x ZL201430095584.6

I,Light Body & Control Panel

1.Synch cord socket 2.Power switch 3.Digital display
4.Multi-function button 5.Slave sensor 6.Battery lock push button
7.Battery & handle 8.Reflector lock catch 9.Power indicator
10.Test button & ready indicator 11.Modeling lamp & indicator 12.Beeper switch & indicator
13.Slave switch & indicator 14.Trigger groove 15.Umbrella holder & lock nut
16.Handle 17.Stand & lock nut 18.Angle adjusting and locking nut
19.Reflector 20.Soft filter  
II,Operating Instructions
1)Install and remove the battery
See picture 1, insert battery to the top of flash body, and then push into the battery, fully loaded with a "click" sound.
See picture 2, pull up battery lock push button (6), forced to pull out the battery. Before use the new battery, must tear the protective film of the battery contacts.

2)Set channel & test flash
Turn on the power switch (2), digital display (3) twinkle “P0” “C0” separately, show channel setting model, rotate multi-function button (4), set or change channel to “P0-P9” and “C0-C9”. There’re 100 channels. Stop rotating multi-function button, about 2 seconds later, the channel set finished, into the charging mode. 2-3 seconds later, ready indicator (10) lights, mean charging finished. Push test button (10), your flash will flashing.
• After channel setting finished, the flash can be used with remote trigger. The remote trigger can adjust all studio flash functions and trigger flash. See attached WR-R manual.
• To save power, if no adjust to the flash within 10 seconds, digital display (3) will be auto-off, only ready indicator (10) is on. When flash or press any buttons, digital display (3) will restore.
•Studio flash light has internal memory function. When turn on the flash, all the parameters will restore the setting of last turn off.
3)Synch cord
Insert one side of synch cord into synch cord socket (1), another side connected with camera or flash meter X end. After the ready indicator (10) is on, press the camera shutter or flash meter button, your flash will flashing.
4)Power adjustment
Rotate the multi-function button (4) to adjust output power of flash. Digital display (3) can be freely adjusted from “1.0” to “6.0”, means the power can be adjusted from 1/32 to 1/1.
5)5)Stroboscopic flash
Stroboscopic flash function means many quick flashes triggered by only one flash signal. It can shoot moving trajectory, which make the integration of multiple images in a single photo. After turn on the flash, press multi-function button (4) once, the flash will enter into stroboscopic model; digital display (3) shows the times of strobe. The stroboscopic times (2-20 times) can be choosing by rotating multi-function button. Press multi-function button again, you can choose stroboscopic speed from 1time/second, 2 times/second….10 times/second. Corresponding display on the digital display is A1, A2...... A9, A0. After seconds later, digital display will refresh stroboscopic times.
6)FP(Flat-Pulse ) high speed synchronous 
Turn on the flash normally, continuously press the multi-function button (4) three times, digital display (3) shows FP, which enter into FP function. This FP function need through using external "high-speed synchronous Flash Trigger" onto the camera. The camera's flash sync speed can breakout 1 / 250s limit, the highest speed can reach 1 / 8000s sync.
7)F1-F4 high speed strobe
For shooting high speed moving objects, provide super short flash duration function. Turn on the flash normally, continuously pressing multi-function (4) three times, digital display shows FP, rotate multi-function again, choose different flash duration times, between F1: 1/11,000s、F2: 1/8,000s、F3: 1/4,000s、F4: 1/2,000s.
8)Beeper switch and indicator
Press beeper switch (12), the indicate lamp will be turn on. When charge completed, it will beep prompts, meanwhile ready indicator (10) turn on. Press button again, the indicate lamp will be off, then beeper function off.
9)Slave sensor
This flash has built-in slave sensor (5). Press slave switch (13), the left indicate lamp will turn green; the flash will slave following the flashing signal. Press button again, the flash is in the model of red-eye reduction when the indicate lamp turn red or orange. Press button again, indicate lamp off, also slave sensor off.
10)LED modeling lamp
Press modeling lamp button (11), the modeling lamp is on, press switch again, the modeling lamp is off. Ten seconds after turn on, LED modeling lamp automatically turn off. This special design just for saving power, If you need to continue use the LED modeling lamp, press the modeling lamp button (11) 2 seconds, to turn on the modeling lamp continue, press button again, modeling lamp turn off.

11)Power indicator
Above the control panel, have four power indicators (9), if indicator is only red light or recycle time over 10 seconds, means you should change or charge battery. Remove the battery (operational method: Install and remove the battery), the back of battery have charge socket, see picture 3. When you charging, insert DC pin to battery DC jack, insert charger pin to AC100-240V power jack. The charger indicator should be red. When it turns green, charge completed, and the charger will stopped automatically.

12)Remote trigger user manual
Please see attached file
13) Multi-function switch
Press multi-function switch repeatedly, you can switch circulation as per following function

a) Adjust strobe output b) Stroboscopic model: adjust 2-20 times-20次
c) Adjust stroboscopic duration time d) FP model, adjust F1-F4
f) Channel setting: adjust “P” zone g) Channel setting: adjust “C” channel
14)Reflector & soft filter installation and removal
The reflector has 3 feet around the perimeter of its base. Line these feet up with the corresponding notches in the flash heads front collar.
Push the reflector lock catch (8) and rotate reflector, thus pull it away from the flash. Following shown in picture 4, install a soft filter directly to the reflector.

15)Angle adjusting
Rotate angle adjusting (18) anti-clockwise, will loosen the lock device, the flash body can make pitching movement, rotate angle adjusting (18) clockwise, the flash will be fixed.
16)Replace flash tube
For safety purpose, please ensure the power is off for at least an hour before replacing new flash tube. While replacing the flash tube, do not touch the flash tube directly! Wear the gloves to remove the old flash tube. And make sure the new flash tube matches for the flash.
Precautions: Do not touch anode and cathode of the flash tubes.
17)Addition function
Flash counting functions: Turn off the flash first, press and hold the beeper switch (12), and turn on the power switch (2), the digital screen will display three numbers continuous, which are current flash times. For example: When it shows: "11", "22", "33", that means the cumulative number of flash times is 112,233 times.
Due to the production process inspection include strobe test, normally, the new flash has hundreds times of flash.

Model MS-200 MS-300 MS-400
Output 200Ws 300Ws 400Ws
Guide No. (ISO100) 45m 54m 65m
Output variation 1/32~1/1 continuous variable adjustment
Recycle time ≤ 3s
Stroboscopic times 2-20 times
Frequency(stroboscopic duration time) 1、2……10 times/second
High speed flash duration time F1=1/11000s、F2=1/8000s、F3=1/4000s、F4=1/2000s
Flash times in battery (full power) 650 times 420 times 320 times
Flash duration 1/11000-1/500s
Remote trigger 2.4G remote trigger
Modeling lamp(LED) LED 12W
Color temperature 5500K±200K
Synch voltage 6V DC
Housing size 120×115×220 mm
Weight 1.4Kg 1.5Kg 1.6Kg
Battery model BAT-04    
Battery variety Li-ion 18650×6 Capacity 4400mAh
Battery voltage 11.1V Charge time 2-3 h
Temperature 0-45℃ Longevity ≥300
Charger model ABT020126    
Input 100-240V ~ 50/60Hz Output 12.6V DC 2A

IV.Please note
1.When battery power light is red or recycle time more than 10s, means low battery, please charge in time. Otherwise it will damage battery or never charge again.
2.Battery charge controlled by charger automatically, when charge light turn green, means charge completed. Please remove charger.
3.This flash includes temperature protection, when flash continuous and quick, temperature protection will works. The flash starts protection program, forbid flash. The flash needs to be cooled down, or you turn the flash off, waiting about 15 minutes then work again.
4.If the battery just has been charged, the inner safety protection device will work, protect the battery. Need waiting the battery is naturally cooled, then install it onto the flash for work.
5.Please turn off power switch, pull out battery after using. Avoid leakage or rust the electrodes and the circuit board.
6.Keep flash and battery in low temperature and dry place
7.Please charge-discharge per month if idle it for a long time.
Warranty in mainland China: one year warranty for the flash, three month warranty for the battery (battery longevity: standard charge-discharge 300 times in theory).
V.Packing list

Flash body 1

Battery BAT-04

Manuals 1 5” Reflector 1
Soft Filter 1 Battery charger ABT020126 1

2.4G remote trigger WR-R

1 Carry bag 1
VI.Optional accessories
Standard reflector, soft box, soft reflector, conical snoot with honeycomb, umbrella…
1)Please take down battery before changing accessories and maintain this flash, keep safe.
2)There are high-voltage components inside. Please don’t dismount, fix or refit it by yourself. If it is broken, contact with the store which you purchased the flash from.
3)Do not place it under the sunlight, in hot, humid, dusty place, should not expose the product to dripping or splashing.
4) Do not use solvents, gasoline, paints and pesticides in this product.
5)Do not insert metal parts into this flash.
6)Do not let children play with the flash, keep out of reach of children.
7)Do not look in the eye when flashing. Do not touch molding lamp and flash tube.
8)If there are any technical change, without notice.
In using this product, you may meet the following problems:
Description Cause


Display “E0”, beeper The captaincies voltage is too high Turn off and turn on again, if still broken, need fix
Display “E1”, beeper鸣 Recycle time more than 10 seconds Low battery power, change new battery or charge
Battery overheating, protect and cool
Flash inside overheating, protect and cool
Display “E2”, alarm Dead battery Change new battery or charge
Display “E3”, E3 twinkle Low battery The flash still can flash several times, replace new battery or charge full a.s.a.p.
Flash does not work, no display Dead battery Change new battery or charge
Battery is not installed Insert battery again after hear “click” sound
The battery inside production Change new battery or charge
Flash does not work Flash tube damage Turn off power switch, release or change flash tube after one hour
Slave does not work Slave is not turn on Turn on slave function and choose suit model
Slave sensor didn’t receive Adjust the flash place to receive flash signal
Remote trigger does not work Dead battery Change battery
Channel is not same Remote trigger channel need set same as the flash channel
Power switch is not open Turn on power switch of remote trigger

Attached:WR-R Wireless Remote is used for MS Series Studio Flash.

Model WR-R
Power supply Two 1.5V AAA (7) batteries (not included)
Power Switch Yes
Frequency 2.4G Hz
Number of Channels 10 Zones×10 Channels
Sync speed < 1/250 s
Distance 15m
Camera Hot shoe
Dimensions 84×45×35mm
Weight 48g


1.P0-P9 Zone Selection
2.C0-C9 Channel Selection
3.Up Button
4.Down Button
5.Function Button
6.Flash Test Button and Indicators
7.Beeper Button and Indicators
8.Modeling Lamp Button and Indicators
9.Slave Button and Indicators
10.Power Switch
11.Digital Display
12.Battery Compartment and Battery cover
13.Hot Shoe

3.Operating Instruction:
1 - Open the battery compartment cover (12), in accordance with the logo insert two AAA batteries.
2 - Turn the power switch (10) to on.
3 - Set the channel: Press button (1), the display shows "P", use up button (3) & down button (4) to select P0-P9 Zone; press button (2), the display shows "C", use up buttons (3) & down button (4) selection C0-C9 Channel.
4 - Remote: Please read the flash channel, adjust the wireless remote to the same channel, then the flash can be remote.
5 - Test flash: After the flash ready indicator light, you can press flash test button 6 - Beeper: Press the beeper button (7); you can change whether Beeper after the flash charging is completed. Indicator light, beeper is open.

7 - Modeling Lamp: Press modeling lamp button (8), the modeling lamp is on, press the switch again, the modeling lamp is off.
8 - Slave: Press Slave button (9), until the “Slave” indicator is green. At this mode, the slave sensor is on and will be synchronized by other flash light. Press (9) again until the color going to red or orange, the red-eye reduction mode is on.
9 - Mounted the remote trigger on the camera hot shoe seat, set channel same as one studio flash, press the camera shutter, can trigger the light flash, and thus lead flashing other studio flash.
10 - Repeatedly pressing the function key (5), can setting the following functions:
a)Adjust the flash output     b)Adjust stroboscopic model: adjust 2-20 times
c)Adjust stroboscopic duration time   d)Adjust into FP mode
1 - Keep clean and dry, wipe after turn off the power.
2 - Please turn off the remote power, If do not use the remote for a long time. And take the batteries out to prevent battery leakage.
3 - Do not place the product in direct sunlight or in hot, humid, dusty place, should not expose the product to dripping or splashing.
4 - Do not use solvents, gasoline, paints and pesticides in this product.
5 - Do not attempt to repair this product. Please contact your dealer if needed.

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